Rather than adapt a standard motorcycle helmet, as many of our competitors do, we built Stage One from the ground up to meet the harsh requirements of off-road recreation.Spending time in the desert with real customers helped us
arrive at a unique recipe for rad-ness. Check it out:

Comms Integration

In the desert, communication is key, as is enjoying your favorite tunes. We added extra deep speaker pockets and recessed the mic boom into the eps liner to avoid hot spots and chaffing and keep your components in place.

Optimized Ventilation

Stage One is equipped with a top mounted air intake, which is ideal for distributing air evenly. We designed the air channels to push air down onto the head, and aggressively up front to the shield.

Two-Stage Dust Curtain

Stage One comes equipped with a standard chin curtain, and a breathable, full length dust curtain that’ll keep the fresh air in, and the dirt out.

World Class Optics

All Stage One shields are class A rated optics. This means less distortion and less fatigue on the eyes. We also hard coat our shields to make them far more scratch resistant. To top it off, we coat them with and anti-fog solution for better visibility in all conditions.

Light Weight Construction

Any weight on the head causes strain on the neck. We kept weight as low as possible on the Stage One. It's a third to half a pound lighter than the competition. That’s a huge weight difference on the head that will lessen fatigue over a long dayof riding.

Easy-Off Buckle

We incorporated a super simple, quick release buckle that works great with gloves and avoids hassle when its time to ride, or time to stop.

Superior Impact Protection

Safety first! At the heart of the Stage One design is a multi-density EPS impact liner.
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